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Job Description


• Objective

- Collection of all activities directly with the client.

- Submission and review of invoices and cash receipt and notify the customer arrears and follow up with them.


• Functions and responsibilities of chairperson
1- Connect the product to the client.
2- The collection of the invoice value of the client.
3- Solve problems of collection with the client.
4- Collection of deposit daily to the Secretary of the Treasury.
5- Dealing with the shortcomings and blending with the client.
6- Runs a truck driver.
7- The registration of data on the client's position on the collection.
8- The dangers in the case of address changes or customer data.
9- The negotiation of payment methods.
10-Submission of proposals to improve and develop the processes of collection.

• Powers and authorities
- Financial : none.
- Technical : delivery of the goods and invoices to customers.
- For supervisory : none.

• Qualifications and limits of knowledge required by the incumbent
- Education: he holds a certificate or diploma medium.
- The degree of specialization and education date: specialization is not required
- Years of experience required: job-related experience gained through training or work function , training with an experienced staff.
- Computer skills: basic knowledge in computer.
- The level of mastery of a foreign language: knowledge of basics of the English language.


• Skills

- The level of first : command - problem solving - personal time management - teamwork - analysis and creative thinking.

- Average level : communicate with others - management and Supervision - negotiating - report writing.


• Elements evaluation basic performance of the job
- The possibility of delivery of all the orders.
- The extent of cooperation with the truck driver.
- Precision in the registration of all necessary data about the position of the client toward the achievement.
- The ability to negotiate on the payment methods.