Do the best to deliver the best to everyone we touch.

Mission Statement: We will provide Winning Portfolio with Strategic Partners and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of stakeholders.  We deliver the best to everyone we touch. By the best means the best people, the best service, and the best portfolios As a result, we will achieve the best results which will allow our stakeholders will be the best.

Background: ElAmir started as a P&G distributor in 1985 with a very small set up consisting of 1 Sales rep. covering 100 small groceries in a small area in Cairo .Since then ElAmir has evolved to become the biggest distributor in the Near East. Expanding coverage to all Cairo, Canal,Qalubiea,ElSharkia, Giza ,Canal cities and Sinai with a total of 40 M covered stores.

People structure: We attract, retain and grow talent people through the development of integrated people capability solutions that increase productivity and profitability. We provide our sales people with competitive training and benefits activities .Excellent career path available for highly performing people. As results, people will reward us with outstanding results.

Trade Structure: We work with our customers to win together whenever and wherever the people shop. By superior retail presence we will influence shopper purchases decisions so both of us will achieve turnover and market share.
Trade is very fragmented and dominantly consisting of small size groceries ,Medium groceries, Large Groceries, Key Accounts, Self Service stores and Wholesalers  We cover more than 40000 customers in Egypt in different governorates. We cover in Cairo, Qalubia, Giza, El-Sharkia, Port Said, Ismailia, Suez, North of Sinai and South of Sinai.


    • Build outstanding people and logistics capabilities.
    • Using cutting edge technology.
    • Execution with excellence on sales fundamentals.
    • Optimization of resource. 
    • Create customer loyalty (Our customer is our ambassador).