Driver license 1,2

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Job Description


• Objective

Driving and make sure to load the car and traffic on routes.


• Functions and responsibilities of chairperson
1 - Powered completely load two thousandth and its contents.
2 - Confirmation of loading the car (goods - propaganda material - promotional tools).
3 - Deliver products to the market.
4 - Worked in Help delegate to emerge and the market offers.
5 - Follow the maintenance of the car on a regular basis.
6 - Order well to avoid damage to the goods.
7 - Powered by the occurrence of any deficit or Tulf happens goods.
8 - Powered by car inventory on a regular basis.


• Powers and authorities
- Finance: none.
- Technical: dealing with customers in the market.
- The supervisory: none.


• Qualifications and limits of knowledge required by the incumbent
- Education level: intermediate.
- Degree and specialization education location: preferably diploma.
- Years of experience required: not required.
- Computer skills: not required.
- The level of mastery of a foreign language: not required.
- Other requirements: good-looking.

• Skills

- The level of first : personal time management.

- Average level : communicate with others - teamwork.


• Elements evaluation basic performance of the job
- Implementation of the Action Plan (down periodically every 3 months).
- Achieve the goals realizable.
- Develop individual skills.
- Obligation to provide the required reports.