Sales representative


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Job Description


• Objective

The ability to run the area and the driver and traffic at specific times and implement the required presentations and achieve sales goals.


• Functions and responsibilities of chairperson
1 - Covered by all customers through routes and plan coverage.
2 - News and delivery priorities for action and initiatives of the company to the market.
3 - Delivery of gifts and free offers to customers.
4 - Book reports required.
5 - Follow up the implementation of the basics of selling in the market.
6 - Follow-up to emerge in the market with the driver.
7 - Continuous updating of the clients itinerary.
8 - Last day supply of cash and track inventory and load the car with the driver.


• Powers and authorities
- financial : none.
- Technical : clients dealing in the market.
- To a supervisory supervision of the driver.


• Qualifications and limits of knowledge required by the incumbent
- Education: qualified high.
- The degree of specialization and education preferred: prefer Bachelor of Commerce / rights / literature.
- Years of experience required: 1 Year.
- Use the computer: good interpersonal skills.
- The level of mastery of a foreign language: not required.
- Other requirements: good appearance and tact in the modern.


• Skills

- The level of first : negotiate - reporting - collective action.

- Average level : communicate with others - leadership - problem-solving - management and supervision - planning, organization - time management profile - analysis and creative thinking.


• Elements evaluation basic performance of the job
- Implementation of the Plan of Action (undo periodically every 3 months).
- Achieve sales goals.
- The development of individual skills.
- Obligation to submit the required reports.